I think I know WHY I shop SOOOOOOO Much!

Hi, I’m Lilly, 60 years old who has dealt with a lot of physical & mental abuse as a child & in some early relationships. I have overcome smoking & drinking (w/medical help) & now I find myself completely addicted to shopping online i.e. Amazon. I can’t seem to stop or control myself. I am petrified too actually " ADD" up all of my purchases for the past 12 months alone. I think shopping for me is my way of compensating for something missing in my life. Something missing from childhood. I know I have an addictive personality & based on my past behaviors, I simply move from one addictive behavior to another. I need to STOP but don’t seem to have self-control over this!!! Anyone else going through this?

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Hi Lilly,
I too am fighting the self control demon. I shop when I am grieving, kind of like your missing something part. My father is dying and I lost my emotional support animal 2 month ago and since then I’ve noticed a huge change in my personality. I do suggest doing the math though. I think it may help like it helped me when i was an overeater and weight 360 lbs. When i wanted to get healthier I started writing down everything I ate, good or bad. I made a vow to be honest to myself no matter what and seeing everything is black and white gave me a whole new view of what I was doing. And that helped me move forward.

Thank you Laura for your response as well as the suggestion that i add everything up. I plan on doing just that. I will start that process within the next few days.