I think I'm off-putting to most people

I stare a lot, I kill conversations, I need major amounts of explanation … I’m socially so awkward - I feel like an alien pretending to be human. I can’t read emotions very well - and I can’t regulate my own emotions very well either. I feel left out a lot because of all this. I don’t have any friends - online or in real life - so I spend all my time alone … and I don’t know how to change this.

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Do you feel capable of change or do you think maybe you just need to study social queues and just learn to accept you are different and marvelously so.

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You are not alone . There are groups out there some are for people with problems of different kinds. We except people as they are , Or you could volunteer . Try searching online

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There are some youtube channels about some of the stuff you mentioned, like how to read people, how to continue conversations and such. You just did the first step that is identifying the problem. Do you have acess to therapy of some sort?

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Yes, I typically have weekly therapy sessions, but my therapist is away having her baby.
So I’ve kinda been left to my own devices for a bit, unfortunately.

Are you busy the whole day or most of the day?

Can you find another one while she is having a baby? Did she left you with some instructions or something to deal with life with her away? What did she say about the things you posted? Have you talked to her about it?

We wanted to check in and see how you were doing @Moonmaiden. It is hard to be left in a lurch while your therapist is out on maternity leave. Have you considered online therapy to fill the gap in their absence? -SG