I think I'm older than other people posting - I just turned

I think I'm older than other people posting - I just turned 73. I had an active social life up until my lymphedema became worse about a year ago and now I'm too depressed to socialize. My partner of about 20 years left and about three years ago. I went out periodically after he left and did have a good time, but now I'm hesitant because as Bonnie said on the sitcom "Mom," "Who is going to want a piece of this action."

Awe! I am sure a lot of people would love to meet you, have you thought about signing up with a dating site?

@CKBlossom Thank you for your support. I guess I could try a dating site. I’m a little hesitant, but…

I'm 62, & I thought it would never happen to me.
I was wrong.
After 17 1/2 years, she comes to the conclusion that God wants her to leave me.
I am moving down to GA as of May 1st. My one cousin needs me....so maybe it was God talking to her.
In a way, I feel that I've been "stationed" in this area for a while, & am being "reassigned".

@lakewolf I’m so sorry you were also left alone after all that time. It’s not easy, but I keep thinking of something someone said, or I read once: The only one you really have in your lifetime is YOU. Often times, it seems it’s just a saying because I know you know it gets lonely sometimes, especially when you were used to having someone around. It’s like retiring from your work. Not easy.