I think I'm suffering from stress, I feel very lonely, down

I think I'm suffering from stress, I feel very lonely, down and feel like crying. I feel alone even tho I live with my sons, my boyfriend was a great support and helped me a lot, last week he got caught for carrying drugs for one of his friend and he's in police custody and he's never done drugs or bought drugs before. I feel down as we use to talk everyday and spend the weekend together now I'm not even allowed to see him and drugs offence carry heavy penalty in my country. I can't really talk to anyone as I don't have much friends to talk to.

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Well then, until your boyfriend is released, we in Support Groups want to welcome you to a site that is here to support you in this time of distress. So we are here, any time you need to chat. Take care

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Thanks for your kind support, I am going to the police station to visit him today, it’s scary as I use to see him free as a bird and now he’s in detention…

I'm sorry, that has to be so hard. Maybe since he hasn't been in trouble before they will be lenient on his sentence.

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on my island the minimum sentence for drugs is 10 yrs if found guilty. He’s very scared as he will go to court next week . I don’t know what to say Im Still in shock about all this. I went to see him yesterday and he was very sad as we had so many plans and now all this, he’s admitted to me it’s his fault as he was drunk at the time his friend gave him the small package to keep in his house to give to someone, when the police arrested him he wasn’t even aware what was happening as he was asleep with the package in his house. He didn’t realise the extent if what he did until he arrived at the police station. Drugs is very severe in my island. 10 yrs prison for cannabis, or life imprisonment if it’s a big quantity… Im So so sad as I have a feeling he will go to jail for a long time…

I am glad that you are here with us, if there any way to know when he will get out, or what the penalty will be? because this is his first and only offense will they go easier on him? we are here for you.

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@Aura82 the minimum sentence for cannabis in Seychelles is 10 yrs if found guilty. It’s scary as 10 yrs is a long time… I. Still in shock, thanks so much for your support, I don’t even know how he’s going to cope so many years in prison, my bf has never been in trouble with the police. He doesn’t do drugs , he likes his drink after work …he’s a very good carpenter and helps me a lot at home…

Hey Aura, nice to see you, how you doing?

So sorry, I hope for your sake and his that he can get out of it without too much time spent. Prayers are with you

Thanks so much for the kind words. I am praying that they will be lenient and he won't serve that long in prison...

We're with you, we want your family together too, don't give up hope.