I think it started in the summer I honestly can’t remember

I think it started in the summer I honestly can’t remember I meet him back when I was in school I use to fallow all the rules. But when it came to love he really showed me something. I confided in him deeply hoping one day he would complete me but **** I was naive he started asking foolish I never thought that he could do that all the confusion is it caught me but the pressure never got off me. When I was with him it felt good but I always found myself misunderstood and he would say I was tripping and he would start acting different. I use to think it was my fault, my bad, I’m sorry. But I’m not the same anymore time has changed he made his choice so who’s to blame I know now it’s not me

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That doesn't sound good at all. I think a lot of times when it comes to emotional abuse, they always say nice and do nice things one minute and then, completely turn on you the next. It's all just mind games to keep you around. They say stuff like "you're imagining things" because they want to keep you in that mindset that they're good and you're bad while they are just messing with you mentally and emotionally. They make it seem like everything they do is your fault when it's actually not. It's a form of manipulation.

@cupcake520 yes it is and I stayed with him from the age 10-19 I been free from him since 2011