I think the worst loneliness is being in a relationship that

I think the worst loneliness is being in a relationship that your own morals keep you in, and there is no hope unless you break your own ethics.

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You mean as in divorce?
Or infidelity?

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As in divorce. He was attracted to my high ethics and now treats me however he feels like knowing that integrity is everything to me.

Yes . I appreciate that.
Have you sat him down and discussed . Just how bad things have become?

Yes... the conversation turns to what I have done wrong and then...... the silent treatment. Which is typical. Lately.. when I say things like "it hurts me when..." he looks at me and says "i don't care" or "you're always hurt" I believe he may be a passive aggressive narc as I have been reading about online. Devastated.

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Hi Tink! I completely understand and relate to your post! I've been married 8 years, we separated once due to the problems but I took him back not wanting to ruin my children's lives. I have the same convos with my husband all the time, its always my fault, I never have anything worth listening too, or i'm crazy, then he watches tv or goes out. I've been practically abandoned as a person and I cry daily. I love my children so much I don't want a broken home for them but he checked out of our marriage a long time ago. I've tried everything and nothing has worked. I'm so desperate now I am strongly considering abandoning all my princibles just to have some loving contact with someone.

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Everytime I read one of your post I feel like I'm reading one of my own. Trying to get rid of a narcissist it's kind of like skin cancer you have to recognize that it's cancer first then you have it removed

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Oh my Loooooord!!!!! Yes he exploits it!!!!!!!! For my own integrity sakes I refuse to retaliate however now that my eyes are open ..I'll not feed the paralyzed ego that refuses to grow up.

Being alone in a bed you share with someone is the worst feeling in the world. Since I found out about my wifes affair I'm looking more and more at the big picture.. every time we text about things, it's always about her. She wants me to do for her, but she won't do for me. She calls 'being a loving wife" LOL think about that doing what someone should do in a marriage TRYING.. Lol WHAT A JOKE!
Think of yourself, think of how you want to be treated and how you want to live your life! We get 1 run at this thing.. why be miserable! DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOU! I hope the best for you @tink777 I hope you find what you deserve.. becuase you don't deserve what you have.

@tink777 you said you have high morals, yes me too, that's how I got trapped. He knew I would never stray because that's not how I am. So he knew he could get away with the abuse. I was never "religious" until around the beginning of this year when I looked for a church for support and found a great one and also found out I was living according to the Bible and didn't even know it!!! I found Bible quote that let me completely let go... It is 1 Corinthians 7:15 But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace. Reading this touched my heart and I knew then that I had been freed, it was fine to let him go off. He can go and live his immoral life and never see what he is doing and I am freed to live in peace. Nice, right? :) Go get your peace!

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When they know there is no threat from us they know we'll forgive them... my W was selfish and I hate that as I try to forgive and heal.