I think ye are amazing

While feeling particularly low over the last few days. I have come to a certain truth that i believe that everybody on this site has come and contributed something and added something to somebodys day by simply saying "I'm here and I understand"...that is an outstanding gift to give to anyone.

Cos i am the single girl wondering will I ever find "the one", I am also the binge eater, who suffers from depression...I am a million other things besides this, good and bad..but I am also thankful at the amount of support i am receiving.

I am truly blessed for finding this site, it's the only place I have been completely truthful in my life.

Thank you so much for being my haven of safety when dark days come and also for giving me a place to offer help others when the better days are there.

I truly believe everyone here should be particularly proud of themselves for the work they are doing.

Much love and gratitude to you all
MG x

Hi Moongal! How are you doing today? How was your therapy session yesterday? I am sorry that you haven't been feeling too well over the past few days and it's ok to be blue or down sometimes, as we are human and have to allow ourselves to feelings things good and bad. I have days where I will be in a bit of a funk, but this time really allows me to get to the root of what's really going on with me. Like you, I've wondered if I will ever meet "The One", but I have to stopped wondering and turned that to knowing. Now, I say that I know that I will meet my right one when the time is right for both of us.

I am so proud of you for being here and sharing with us, and for going to therapy and working through your issues. These are all huge steps in the very right direction. You are such a loving, giving, caring and supportive person. I feel so truly blessed that you are here and that you have provided so much support for me. And, your words really touched my heart and brought me to tears....this Site is such a blessing and I think that we are all so fortunate to have one another.

I could not have said it better...the day I found this site is the day my recovery began.

That is so amazing Emily! I am so happy that you are here and that you are sharing with everyone, as this is such a safe and supportive environment. I feel like I am in a positive and loving shelter with all of this love and support.

Ah I could cry with that comment I have never been so supported in my life!

Awww guys,
I'm so glad ye feel that way too, it's such a great place to start recovery. Stop ye'll make me cry now. It's just such a wonderful safe place to talk and there's no judgement...only understanding.

And puppy I am glad that you've changed that wondering into knowing because I truly believe he is out there and it won't be long til ye find each other.

It's incredible strangers from across the world really looking out for each other. It truly is a blessing.

Much much love to you
Moongal x

yes this site has truly the most wonderful people on here that i have ever met in my life. we all should be proud, as i am proud to be on here...

the world should have more people like those on this site---the world would be a much better place.

thanks for the post...


This site is really the epitome of how we as people should be each and every day to even strangers out on the street...smiling, caring, providing support. A simple smile can really change someone's mood. While getting an afternoon coffee, I spent 5 minutes talking to an elderly woman. I thought to myself; why don't I do this more often. She is completely alone and goes out for walks to be around people. It took absolutely nothing for me to give someone mere moments of my time. Maybe I can't give every homeless person money, but I do give them the respect of a hello and a smile. I have realized that it's the simple and small gestures that make a big difference in someone's life. Sometimes people don't realize what an impact they make in my life; like the cab driver who spent 20 minutes asking me about my life yesterday and if I am happy, and gave me some suggestions. He didn't have to do that at all, but he did and because of that he really changed my energy in that moment and for the rest of the day. I don't think that he realized his impact on my life. It's pretty amazing.

That's true Puppy...who knows what we can truly create from one mere morsel of our positive energy...it could stretch a lot furthur than we realise. It kind of lifts your soul to make you want to hold the door for someone, make eye contact instead of looking downward and smile because smiling is infectious.

I am a really funny person, but I find myself missing or worrying about someone who has been off the site (I missed you over the last few days but then I realised you may be destressing) for a while and it's very heartwarming when someone comments that they hadn't heard from someone in a while, I think it's those little things that make such a difference...when I see them i just think "awww that's so kind".

Strangers looking out for strangers, couldn't make a better place to be.

Oh, thank you so much for worrying about me Moongal, you are truly a blessing in my life. See, that in and of itself really makes me feel so happy and so loved.

Oh no need to thank me at all. I understand how when you stressed at work, sometimes it's good to just walk away from the computer for a while and just have time to yourself.

i hope you are looking after yourself

Love to you x

moongal....don't forget to give yourself that same love and gratitude...because YOU ROCK!!
HUGS to you!! Jan ♥

Agreed Janurse, you rock Moongal and you should definitely give yourself that same love, time and attention that you give to all of us here.

Awww thanks guys, I'll try...very embarrased now:o

u are all inspirational people who make the day brighter just by dancing those fingers over the key board.

without yourselves and the open honesty u bring with problems this site wouldnt work

so salutations to u all

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

puppy dog, i agree with you completely. if people were how we are on this site, the world would be so different--loving caring, kind--so different from what i see. not to say there arent good people i see---there are---ugh-- but here in new york--, kindness is kinda out the window. people can be very rude, mean, run you over in traffic, give you dirty looks, attitude, i just wish that people would start to act like you all on this site---who are an example of how people should be to one another. the people on this site are really one of a kind people. they demonstrate love and caring and reaching out to others, while from what i see, people could use a lot more caring in this world. a lot.

so i think the people on this site should be proud of themselves , for helping others, for taking the time out to help others, and for being loving and kind---giving of themselves.

so give yourselves a pat on the back-ha. and Vic and janurse, who have given so much of themselves to make this site happen. as well as countless others on here...


Don't forget YOU, and all the support that you have offered to others...a mutual give and take....give yourself a pat on the back as well!! HUGS..Jan ♥

thanks jan---ha....hugz...

I'm feeling the love...lol. I am very thankful for this site also :) It's so good to know there are people who understand..and that we are not alone. It's been such a bright spot in my life through this particularly hard time. And I feel sometimes like my life is pretty pointless...so knowing that I might have helped someone in some small way...or big way...makes me feel really good. Big hugs to you all!!

Thanks so much Christa33! I realize more and more so each day how a little mini smile and nice comment to someone makes a difference to them, and probably becomes a chain reaction. The other day, I was getting my coffee and the manager of the cafe said that I was their nicest customer and told me how much I appreciated it. I was shocked by this, I feel like I smile, say please and thank you, and for that he thinks I am the nicest customer. He told me how much it means to him and his employees, because other customers walk in and are so demanding, rude, and crude. He says that they get yelled at and looked at annoyingly if their disrupting a customer's cell phone call when they're ordering.

So, it really is about the small gestures that make a difference and I was shown just that.