I thought I had escaped my Narc parents... I thought I knew

I thought I had escaped my Narc parents... I thought I knew the signs, what to avoid to prevent ever feeling like that again. My whole life was nothing, I have no happy memories and no recollection of any person ever caring or even realizing I exist. I thought I had left and made friends but no. My friends don't care. They were raised to be nice people, even if that meant being nice to lie about how much they didn't care for me. They let me go on for years, telling them my quirks, my issues, what I like and don't like so that I could live the life I deserved after a lifetime of abuse. and they didn't care. They listened and knew what hurt me, and it was too much of an inconvenience for them. They always went along with my plans, letting me drag them out to hang out, but they apparently always hated it and told each other how much they hated it. Instead of just letting me go they just kept playing this stupid game of letting me slave over them in the name of friendship, and the one, the only time in 4 years since I excaped hell, I had a moment of weakness where I asked them to keep me company for 1 day while my parents were in town. Neither one wanted to. They decided they'd rather sit at home and watch tv. But they're "nice" and "didn't want me to be mad" (because of course it's my fault) so they couldn't even tell me no. They led me on, gave out excuses, lied, ignored me for days, anything to avoid just telling me straight up that no they'd rather twiddle their thumbs than put in 1 day apparently suffering in my prescene. I called them out, I don't take that **** anymore. They acknowledged they knew they'd hurt me and knew my past, and said they didn't care because they don't "have to do anything for me" because I "shouldn't expect that from them becuase I am misguided on how friendships work" NO I know how they work, I care about you in your times of need, and you should care about the one single time in 4 years ive needed somebody to talk to. I'm done. But now this b* tch goes around and plays this woe is me story, about how she is so alone and everyone hates her. She thinks this is all my fault and i'm making a big deal out of nothing, and said to my face she knows shes a b* itch but I just have to understand that people are like that sometimes. They think because I was raised in an abusive situation that I am stupid. That I don't see abuse? come on

Well, on the flip side, is it really friendship if they are never honest?

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