I thought I was through the rough patch, but I'm not. I jus

I thought I was through the rough patch, but I'm not. I just think that ending it all would be better than living in this perpetual hell.

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There is nothing on this planet worth giving up life for! Just realize, you are not alone and there is a reason this is happening to you. Hopefully you are speaking with a therapist. If not, please do. I am in a similar mindset but keep coming back to my first sentence to you. Say it out loud and believe it...cause it's true.

@TRlee I’ll try

I feel you, been there like 4 years, when I wake up all I try to do is go back to sleep. I can't believe things could suck so bad and the kicker is it's looking like things may get much worse after fighting very hard while stressing, going through depression, anxiety and all kinds of other wonderful crap I now may enjoy my situation getting much worse, absolutely f@#*ing amazing to say the least. I have found a few things that have helped on this wonderful journey of absolute misery, it just lightened up the misery a bit to every once in a while feeling pretty good. However I am getting much closer than ever to facing loosing everything so these days of feeling ok are not really there. I could only imagine how I'd be if I wasn't doing these few things that help, probably be in a f*%$ing mental institution. My situation would certainly get very bad much quicker that's for sure. What the hell is going on in this **** world, seems more and more people are suffering everywhere, wtf??

@meathead66 I was in an inpatient program, and it helped…well at least I thought it did.

@TennisPlayer Edgar still graces me with his presence. Found it quite amusing to watch me put up Christmas lights.