I told my boyfriend about my near suicide attempt last week

I told my boyfriend about my near suicide attempt last week and he just hung up on me and told me how I shouldn’t say these things so casually. He didn’t call back until he thought I “was good.” I felt dismissed, and he’s the only person I’ve told besides my therapist. I thought I would receive some sort of comfort or understanding, but it just makes me want to go back to not opening up about my depression ever again.

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There had been times I mentioned my attempts or ideations to who was my boyfriend at the time, to friends, or even to my therapist and you could tell they just wanted to change the topic. If over the phone my ex would hang up as well. It’s a hard topic, and can leave people uncomfortable but in those moments I just wanted to be heard, wanted some help or understanding. So I feel your pain and I’m sorry you have been dismissed. I feel that it is necessary to talk about our pasts to process them when they resurface again. People here are more than happy to listen and share with you. The only thing that frustrates some is when people post triggering stuff with no warning, totally ignore all advice or compassion, or even go so far as to ask others to help them finish suicide. I don’t see you doing any of that, so keep on posting, get those feelings out and I hope you feel heard here.

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@Destiny2020 thanks for the reply. I totally get where you’re coming from and did see some of the recent posts on the Depression group unfortunately :frowning: I’m just hoping that the people who post triggering content without warning not only get help but also read into the rules of the groups before posting. But yeah, it’s been hard to talk to people about these topics since they are triggering and often uncomfortable to the average person. I don’t wanna bring down the mood or create an elephant in the room or anything, so I’ve been keeping things to myself a lot and trying to keep up the best front I can. It took some courage to tell my boyfriend, but things got uncomfortable fast and I’m hesitant to discuss these topics again. I’m happy that this space exists though and always feel welcome coming here. I hope you’re doing well at this moment, I’m also supporting you wherever you are in your journey :slight_smile: