I told my boyfriend after 2yrs i had herpes i kept it a seci told my boyfriend after 2yrs i had herpes i kept it a

i told my boyfriend after 2yrs i had herpes i kept it a secret for so long just today i came clean i dont know what to do the love of my life doesnt want me the man i was going to marry and have children with have life is gone because of this disease i cant stop crying im so emotional i wish i never told him but i feel better but no he knows we had unprotected sex the whole time i never gave it to him i have absoultly no one i cant talk to about this i feel like dying honestly but im not suicidal this is the worst day of my life i just need a friend that wont judge me

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THERE IS NO HARM IN TRYING..because he can and he will... message him and await his responds

it's ok. It's better to tell him and balance out your consciousness than to continue to hold that a secret within you. As painful as you may feel right now, you honored yourself in expressing this. That's a huge win on the soul level.

@Sanguine108 i feel so usless and desaprate trying to tell him we can be togather and be healthy i feel like he wont understand and hell just aviod me but the good is he is somewhat talking to me and we had plans for him to come from outta state to here for my birthday he said hell come because he doesnt wanna waste money on a bus ticket any advice on living a healthy sex life when one has herpes?

He may just be in shock and need a moment to think things thru. Dont b so hard on yourself...this is a very hard thing to cope with. You did the right thing by telling him

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@Slbrown992 thank you so much i needed to hear that

You did the right thing by telling him but unfortunately waiting so long to tell him may have been a deal breaker for him. I always Grapple with telling someone after a couple of dates of waiting a bit longer to get to know them but I think for me I feel that if I wait longer to get to know them that they may think that I am just leaving them and for some people there is a trust issues and maybe that's how he feels right now. just giving a little bit of time he may come around but if not know that there are people who are accepting of it so you won't be alone

@lisajd thank you the reason i didnt tell him was because i was so scared of loosing him plus when we had sex it was like i was std free no bumps no smell no anything so i took that and ran with it i was i never going to tell him honestly i wish i never did but i really needed to tho its so confusing

Go to herpes.com for info. when you say healthy sex life what you actually mean. there is always a risk of transmission and has your boyfriend ever been tested yet? if he is prepared to take the risk Then just use condoms to lessen the risk and if you take medication this also makes a difference but apart from that there is always a risk that's all I can say.

The thing with this virus is that regardless of whether you have any outbreaks oR bumps Or whatever you like to call them there is always a risk of transmissioN and in my mind any person has the right to not be put in a situation of catching herpes and make the choice. I say this because it is a Virus for life and I also have seen the amount of pain both physically and emotionally with this virus from people on this website and I would not want to put that on to anybody. anyone who has herpes has a responsibility to disclose to somebody else whether they choose to or not that is up to them but I know that I would not do that