I took Ambien CR (12.5 MG) for 14 days. On day 13 I develope

I took Ambien CR (12.5 MG) for 14 days. On day 13 I developed a dull headache and the Ambien didn't work to help me sleep (woke up numerous times). On day 14 I decided not to take it and at around 10pm I had a crushing, and I mean crushing, panic attack. I have not taken Ambien since (today is day 7 of being off) and I have had the most extreme anxiety since and it simply will not subside. I've also felt sad at times. None of this is normal for me. Prior to the Ambien I was perfectly fine aside from not getting as much sleep as I would like. I literally feel like a different person now. I take no other medications either.

Has ANYONE ever experienced anything like this? I've spoken to two medical doctors and they seem clueless. I am worried that this devil poison has messed up something in my brain and I terrified this won't go away. I can't see how it could be withdrawals after only 14 days and starting around the 24 hour mark since my final dose.

I took ambien for years until I noticed my ears constantly had fluid in them. I felt like I had cotton stuffed in both ears. I stopped taking it but it took about 2 months to clear up. I tried taking another ambien and boom the fluid was back. Our symptoms sound strange coming from a sleeping pill but who really knows how these drugs affect us.

Agreed, the side effects of this drug make no sense. It is some very scary stuff. If I knew this would get better I could be content just suffering through it but the unknown just keeps the cycle rolling. I have a new baby at home and was literally in a good place in life before this. All I wanted was a couple more hours of sleep.

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