I tried, I gave up

I tried, I gave up.

Hey sunspots,

What's up? Can you tell us a little more about what you are going through? How can we help you? Don't worry you are not alone, we're here for you.

Stay strong,

i tried to stop smoking bud and cutting, but yesterday morning i gave in. My friend says relapse is part of recovery, and i want to believe it. i believe it enough to try again...
Idk how you guys could help tho. I'm creating my own imaginary stresses and avoiding school and work. Which is effectively letting down everyone in my life. I feel like I'm not living up to their expectations, and i hate myself for that.
I want to live up to my own expectations and i feel like a **** for that, a really immature ****. It is humiliating being a 23yr old man that cant handle life much less maintain work and school.

Welcome to the expectations of a young adult man. The pressure is hard. It only gets worse. I know that sounds really encouraging, but from my point of view, and smoking weed in and out for 25 years. I realize, that I robbed myself of learning healthy coping mechanisms. It is good that you are trying to quit now. This may not be easy, but much easier than if you do it down the road. Just my experience.

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i appreciate that, i really do want to develop more tools for life sooner rather then later, which the weed definitely inhibits. Sometimes i just don't know how to chill the f3ck out, and smoking is my vice.

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Been there brother. For far too long. Some coping mechanisms that help me are meditation and self hypnosis. Might help.

hmm what is this self hypnosis you speak of?

Hypnosis. Done by your self. I read a few books on it and learned the techniques. Opened up a whole new world. Teaches you to make your brain work for you. Cool stuff.