I used to lash out. I have been working very hard over the

I used to lash out. I have been working very hard over the past 9 months to try to control how I let out my anger. My anger has almost ruined my marriage. I am doing much better, but still feel that beast inside. I have to work real hard to keep it from coming out in a destructive way. Growing up, my whole family was angry. My parents spewed it everywhere, especially my mother.

Have you ever tried medication? Most people associate mood stablizers with those only with bi-polar disorder or other mental issues but i Know people who take for extreme anger issues and it's helped them stay more level and control their anger alot better. I also know finding hobbies or things like working out, running, writing, driving around something that you can unleash your anger upon other than your family can be extrememly helpful. There are some places where you can find a buddy or a friend that you can call and just unleash it to. i go to anger management classes
where i live and anger management is so much more than just controlling your anger its about controlling your life and the things that trigger that anger.

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@lilbit2604 I haven’t tried medication. I do find that going out for a walk or any other kind of exercise helps. Also going to see my horse is very calming. It is very peaceful at the farm. I also started writing in a journal. That helps release thoughts in my head that cause me to get angry.

Some medication might be worth looking into and a daily routine often helps so if going to see your horse helps calm you make a point to do it everyday around the same time if you can , when we go to routines and it gives us a sense of control and that for me helps me with my anger.