I’ve always identified as bisexual when people asked but u

I’ve always identified as bisexual when people asked but until the last 2-3 years I haven’t fully embraced it because my family made me feel like it wasn’t safe to tell people when I was younger. I’ve never been ashamed but since I was traumatized by my family about it I was always cautious about who I told. I’m more open now but there’s just aspects of myself that I’m learning by being more open like when I’m with a man im more a submissive type but when I’m with women I’m more of a dominant type and that just confuses me a bit. My personal dynamics are just different. But I feel more comfortable being with women than men even though I am attracted to both. It’s just interesting how I’ve learned about myself when I fully embraced my sexuality.

Haha my legal guardians told me it was a sin and God created men for women and vice versa. The trauma is real. Only recently have I discovered that I'm not bisexual and that I'm actually a lesbian. Being open takes time, I'm still closeted even though I'm just now accepting it. Denial is also real too. Dynamics are okay to have too. You can be submissive, dominant, versatile in any relationship with anyone. All you have to do is be yourself and being yourself is okay. Having a preference of comfortability is also okay.

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Love can never be a sin.

I am a middle aged woman, realizing I fall in love with the person and not gender. Are there are other words besides pansexual because that word does not seem adequate. Seeking support as I explore my identity.

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I like to think of myself as having open sexuality- I too fall in love with the person, their energy, who they are- gender isn't really a focus. Happy to chat if you like :)

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@consciousspiritHi, would love to chat with you if you would like.