I’ve been getting myself back on a good plan. I think I’

I’ve been getting myself back on a good plan. I think I’m going to do a three day fruit only cleanse. I’m thinking either starting on 14 April or 18 April. If you want to do it with me then comment below. Otherwise I will just do it and share here.

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Yes.. I am looking at April 14 as day 1 of a 3 day fruit only other then the kale and celery I will be juicing!
1.) Lemon water with honey
2.) green tea with honey
3.) orange and cilantro juice
4.) kale and apple juice , maybe add celery or have celery separate.
5.) apple , banana and strawberry

Are you constipated?!?
Juicing will take care of that!
Taking a break from fats will clean your blood!

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I know a lady with tumor that has benefited from these cleanse type diets. I personally struggle with commitment to them. But i do like when you post your path. It gives me motivation to eat better.

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@Lookn4raysofSunshine oh yes… these cleanses 100 percent help with many things.
Ok… I will share …
Even if you cut out the fats from the morning… it helps.
Instead of the big fat breakfast meals , drink lemon water.
Sometimes in the past … I would eat a big fatty breakfast but would be done till the next day and that is time to cleanse liver.
But overnight the body is working on healing and the best thing to do when waking up is to flush the liver with lemon spring water! Add a little honey sometimes. Wait a few hours before eating heavy foods.
Even this helps.

Yes I want to do this! For breakfast I’ll have my mixed fruit, lunch is broccoli/veggie mix and not sure yet for dinner… if I’m not starving I’ll maybe get ingredients for some of your juicing ideas. Otherwise probably salad ….I’m infusing my water now so I can drink plenty water n hopefully won’t be starving lol! Good luck to you on healthy eating! Thanks for the juicing tips!

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@Foundlove YAY!

Sounds Yummy Awesome!

I had GF Oatmeal with banana and strawberries! I don’t do well with measuring… I just eyeball it.

I had veggie/potato soup!

I also had some flatbread I make from red lentils.
And I am very full from all the fiber!

I make green tea and water with a little lemon and honey!
The mint sounds good. I am going to try that later!

The best part is I stopped eating the Lara bars altogether… so it was a fat free day.
What makes this great is because the blood stays clean. Fat thickens the blood which means we don’t get as much oxygen to our blood and organs … fruit and veggies as well as potato are fat free foods.
And it says at the beginning of the Bible that fruit and veggies is the food God gave us to eat.
So you can’t go wrong with these foods.

Unless you mix it with meat! Barf! Lol… I don’t eat meat!
I used to and I even ate it in March over my birthday … but I no longer crave it … so why eat it? For the Protein? I get plenty of protein from the other foods.
I didn’t drink enough water today but I did get my celery juice in which is one of the things I like in the beginning of my day on and empty stomach.
Makes the skin flawless!

I have all my food planned out and ready for the next few days… same thing.
Repeat repeat repeat!