I’ve been having trouble finding someone to turn to. Every

I’ve been having trouble finding someone to turn to. Everyone just sees me as sensitive or weak. Yesterday my mom got mad at me cause my hair was down and a piece of hair got in the food and she just kept going on about how big and inconvenient my hair is. She’s has straight-asian hair and I have curly-african hair. I’ve just been feeling very overwhelmed and unwilling to show emotion. I just cry alone by myself and move on. I’ve been struggling to find a healthy way to cope with my feelings. I talk to my best friend and I think she doesn’t know what to do but she said talking on here might help. I just don’t know how to live anymore.

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so sorry to hear that .
i definitely go with your friends idea... talking helps ease pain and agony..well some parents can just be so difficult somethings but hey they are still our parents and you should be glad you still have her...
i know how hurtful it is loosing my mum . so please appreciate her and communicate with her.
i hope it helps.

I’m so sorry. It’s good that you reached out. I agree with your friend, post here anytime. When I went through deep sadness, I found comfort after posting in one of the forums. I hope you will find comfort here as well.
You are not alone. We are here for each other. Keep sharing. God bless.

There are many forums here. And many people to talk too. We all like to listen. I love the idea about the listening to song lyrics to relate to the situation. I also have to talk myself through anxiety. Next time I have an episode I might try the music therapy.

So glad you came here.....it's good to have a safe place to vent. When your Mom seems unreasonable, it could be because she is overwhelmed or having a rough time. When things settle, you might want to try talking to her....telling her how you feel and that her love and acceptance of you is very much needed. Don't hesitate to tell her when you feel hurt....she may not even know.....give her a chance to hear you out and work things out. You might also want to talk to a counselor if you are getting overwhelmed a lot. You can also talk to a trusted family member or a friend. You don't have to keep it inside. You will be surprised how many people will listen and try to ease your pain if you give them a chance. And your hair sounds awesome! Many of us wish we had curly hair! Stay strong and believe in yourself!