I’ve been sick for about 3 months now. It started with ER

I’ve been sick for about 3 months now. It started with ER trips with extremely high heart rates that I thought were because of weed even tho I had smoked my whole life. I stopped smoking and the rapid heart rate and chest pain continued. When I have these episodes I shake and get a tremor In my hand. The first couple doctors assumed was was a serious drug user until they saw my blood test. Over the past 2 months by issue is getting worse. My tsh or whatever number they measure to show I’m hyper is getting lower and lower meaning more hyper and hyper. I never can sleep I’m always hungry and dizzy. My new symptoms from the last couple weeks are severe migraines lasting for days and now high blood pressure. I unfortunately just lost my insurance so will be without medical help for a couple months but I do have a big supply of the medication I take. ( beta blockers) to hell with some symptoms. I really just want opinions on how you guys deal with this. Not every day is a bad day for me. These past few have been pretty normal I still work decently well. I do not have graves just so you guys know. They still don’t know why I have this. I have had a cat scan done on my head and a radioactive scan done of my thyroid. Most doctors don’t really know what they are talking about since it’s taken them 3 months to even refer me to the endocrinologist. The last ER doctor I saw referred me she seemed well educated. I don’t know if I’m leaving anything out. I am only 20 and I really feel like my anxiety and nervousness is taking over me. I always feel like crying and I’m not an emotional gal unless I watch dog videos. So many things put me on edge. I’m not myself anymore and no one in my life can really understand me. I’m hoping someone here can. Just relate or suggest small things to help. My ears are wideeee open guys :(

I sound like you have a difficult diagnosis you have not yet arrived at. if it were simple, you'd already know what's what. when stuff like this is going on it seems a more complex diagnosis. I realy hope you get some answers soon

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