I’ve had tinnitus in my right for 25 yrs after a stapedect

I’ve had tinnitus in my right for 25 yrs after a stapedectomy surgery mishap. Became used to the noise. 1.5 yrs ago I acquired Meniere’s. My tinnitus is loud now and causes me anxiety because I feel trapped particularly when trying to fall asleep at night. Am depressed... At work, as an agency production manager, my concentration and ability to focus has become challenging with it affecting my ability to function properly. Suggestions to help with anxiety, concentration and focus would be much appreciated.

work on redirecting your attention when you feel trapped. you got used to it before, you will get used to this. when you see your focus slipping count to five or ten. say the numbers in your head or out loud. focus on saying them.

Mine gets louder in loud situations. The. Some days it will actually take over people’s voices and cut everything out. I’ve lived with it my whole life, growing up as a kid I would play the radio just to fall asleep and try to drown out the sounds. I just take deep breaths and excuse myself for a moment and look for a quiet bathroom and just take a few minutes to regroup... wish there was a solution to it.

A tinnitus veteran qued me in on a trick to help with sleeping or comfort during the day. The same as Slm's. Playing white noise drowns out much of the tinnitus when it gets loud. I play rain recordings at night, just loud enough to be more comfortable. Being around a fan or playing a fan recording helps during the day.

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@JungleBlue good on ya for sharing that!

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