I want better for myself

My mind is like in a fog. I can't see the flaws around my apt because the doctor has me so high on xanax that I can barely function throughout the day. As the 28th of the month get's closer I start to worry once i get off xanax I won't like what I find.

I worry that my 16 old brother willl have more going for him in his life then my own. That I will sober up and see the reality how trashed this place is. My girlfriend claims it's messy but I'm not able to take it seriously because im too doped up on meds from doctor.

Sometimes everything is too much, the world seems to be nearly overwhelming for me. Writing on the keyborad crying a little because I feel so alone and im afraid It's going be too late when I do get off the xanax for a normal happy life with someone

Josh, can your doctor adjust your medication while your trying to come down slowly. You will be in a fog for a while til your mind can adjust, which I'm sure your already aware of & been strong to keep going forward.

I admire you for helping yourself & I care about you if you'd like to talk.


Hi Josh, I agree with April. If you are having problems with Xanax that you are taking, then I suggest seeing your doctor about it. Most everyone at times feels like the world is overwhelming and also feel alone. But if we hang in there and keep putting one foot in front of the other, it eventually does get better. Keep hanging in there and taking it one day at a time. Keep sharing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))