I want covid to be over like right NOW so I can get back to

I want covid to be over like right NOW so I can get back to my life.I have in the past had many challenges due to my disability and took me so long to get a life I care about.It seemed I had to start over many times in my life and watch others succeed just because of the learning and emotional challenges I was born with.But now because of covid it's really impossible esp having a social life or volunteering or anything.Even though it's been a year since the crisis a lot still hasn't changed for the better and feels the world is in a waiting pattern...at least for me.All I do it seems is wait for things to get better.i spent half my life waiting to get friends,waiting for a job,waiting for my depression to end so I can be happy.No matter what I do and how hard I work at my goals it's doesn't seem enough,don't get where I want to be EVER.Just feels worse now cause of covid and I don't know to do.I tried everything at this point.
What does someone do when they tried everything but still failed??

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It has been a long year! Have you been able to see anyone since this all started?

@CKBlossom. Yes I see my family but that’s about it.I don’t really have friends esp.now since covid it’s hard to make friends or have a decent social life.(though it was hard for me even before the virus began)

@kgmaxwell I was started to get a life a cared about it took me so long to achieve cause I had several set backs in the past and now I feel I have to start over again which is the last thing I needed since things were always hard for me.Its just really overwhelming after trying so hard to achieve what I wanted to.