I want help IMMEDIATELY! But people are going to hate me w

I want help IMMEDIATELY!!! But people are going to hate me when they find out the truth about me!!!! How can they care about something that is hardly even human??? I want my suffering to STOP!!!!

because you are very human. if you want help, reach out for it

@norseduncan I’m going to try. But I’m already so scared and I don’t know if I can handle going through with treatment for the rest of my life, if that makes any sense. If I need extra meds or therapy it’s going to be such a burden financially and emotionally.

Get the help you need. My daughter is 15 and she has started telling people--her best friends, teachers, coaches, family. For the most part, everyone has been accepting. Her boyfriend broke up with her, but it only showed that he wasn't meant for her. My daughter says the same thing, "Mom, no one will love me because I have so much wrong with me." Hopexo, trust me, the people who matter will love you no matter what. Hugs.

@Daisy15 @Daisy15 I’m thinking about starting to tell people. Just my therapist knows a little bit right now but I won’t see her for months. I feel for your daughter. I just turned 16 and I know how hard it can be, especially at this age. It seems we suffer in the same way, but maybe we can even heal in the same way. Hugs