I want to get better

I want to get better

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i understand how you feel me too, I'm always hear if you would like to talk

My best friend and I fought and I lost it... I want to stay clean but this hurt me

i understand how you feel about that, it's like the one thing you run too with any problem what happened with you and your friend

I'm so glad I can talk to people about this without having to feel scared. And that people listen

it's a great way to get your inner feelings out with people that mostly understand what you are going through

Thank you. I should of joined this awhile back. I wouldn't be covered in scars and think I'm worthless sometimes

im 29 years old and I've been a cutter for long time it'a a hard thing to stop doing it's a struggle everyday to stay clean I've been clean 1 month and 24 days it;s not easy trust me

I'm 15, I've been a cutter for 2 years. It's very hard to stop. I thought I finally did but then I missed the feeling and so it began again. I'm hoping this will help me finally stop. I feel like my boyfriend hates dating a girl covered in scars

it is really hard to quit i did for a long time and than the beginning of this year i started and haven't stopped, what has really helped me, is talking about your urges when they come, knitting, getting outside walking running coloring anything for distraction

I like to draw bubble letters and draw stuff for my friends. I try to talk to my boyfriend when I get an urge but he was traveling and I couldn't contact him

that's good, when that happens come hear and talk to someone there is always someone to to help you if all fails get away from everything that can be used as a weapon ok you can do it

As can you. We can make it through together

well thank you, yes we can and will i know it

I'll message you whenever I have a problem

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sounds great absolutely you can

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You can do the same for me. I may not have much experience with it but I think I have enough to help you out

It took me awhile but I was able to stop. If either of you need any help or support, I've been there and know that it can be a dark place. Stay strong and don't give in. You're beautiful. Don't hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to help

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@Error101 very nice, i knit I’ve been knitting a ton lately it helps me out a lot keeps my hands busy and listening to music or talking to someone keeps my mind busy as well

Last night I cut 33 lines on my stomach