I want to get out

i've been in a realasionship with my husband for 11 years now.we got married late last year since then he stated coming home late and when i try to talk to him he tells me that he didn't even wanted to get married to me it was my idea and he is write it was my idea but i thougt he also liked it.since we met he has impragnated two people and he denied and told me that he used a condom with them. he is most of the time moody and i do't even know what i did wrong.

me48 - you deserve to be with somebody that is committed and wants to be with you. If neither of you want to be married then maybe you can split amicably so you can go and meet someone that will treat you better. If you want to make it work then try counseling for both of you. but know that you can be with someone who is kind, not moody and wants marriage. take the time to think about this.