I want to go to my therapy appointment today to work at feel

I want to go to my therapy appointment today to work at feeling better but at the same time I don't want to try so hard especially when I do so much for others and in trying to get better bc I keep thinking more and more about killing myself. I don't want to die but I can't stand to live, I don't know how much longer I stand it with having no reason to live.

@Jordan. If you don't wanna go to therapy don't that day. But do something for yourself. Go shopping. Dye your hair. Paint your toenails. But please do so while feeling positive. Please do not feel like suecide. Jordan. When you get to feeling this low. It's time to reflect on.... Is it your meds. Is it a... I need to get out and do things... Is it I need to reach out to a professional (counselor) So Jordan please try to think on the bright side. Find ways. Tv shows... Youtube... Online classes... Counseling via zoom. Try to lift yourself out of this slump. You are enough!!!!! Find a way to be together with good people that lift you up.

Jordan. Did you read all the comments on your other post thread? Pls read them. I posted a few for you. Therapy is going to be hugely helpful.

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@NCMom I did