I want to publically COMMIT not to purge today ' iºm TIRED of it!

ok i went 3.5 days without purging last week ~a huge deal for me and then relapsed for 2 days including yesterday... today i want to PUBLICALLY commit not to do it. iºm so tired of this crazy routine. it is night time where i am located (working overseas) so i only have a few more hours. i pray i get through it b-c i have goodies back in my hotel room.

iºll post tomorrow on the results. maybe going on this site and stating i wonºt do it will do something since nothing else seems to work!!

thanks for listening to me. iºm going to try to distract myself and make some calls and watch tv.

who else ~that is really struggling in their recovery wants to commit with me

oh my goodness!!!! I am so very proud of you!!!! What a huge first step!!!! It will make such a difference once you declare it to others like you have just done. You will still have urges, but the strength you have gained from declaring yourself from you ED will make all the difference. You can do this:))

I applaud you, and want to make the commitment myself. I know for a fact that binging and purging is my stress relief mechanism, albeit a very unhealthy one. I have struggled with bulimia on and off for almost 13 years. It hasn't been this bad in a long time, though. I, too, am tired of the crazy routine.

this is amazing just me!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!

wishing you the best,

what a huge commiment, i really commend you on it. and we're all here for you no matter what, just let us know how you are!!

good luck and sending all the strength

wow. i know you can do it. it takes will and strength and from your post you appear to have both. i am rooting for you in this.

no matter what you are strong. even the strongest of us have weak moments. even the weakest of us have strong moments that are unimaginable beforehand.


I did it guys! I didn't b/p last night. Thank you all so very much for your support. I know today is a NEW day with NEW urges/temptations, especially with me being away from home and forced to eat out, etc. I will again try to make it through another day.

It feels SO GOOD NOT to purge (or binge for that matter) - why don't we just do this ALL OF THE TIME, eh?

If only it were that easy. :)

Thanks again and I'm hoping for another successful day.

Cheers to everyone,

Caroline, that's really amazing, so so proud of you and so should you. it's a huge achievement :-)
and you make me think about comitting too, but have to consider it a little bit longer, then we'll see.

hopw you'll have a great start to the day, try to feed of your success yesterday!



i completely understand the considering on your part on commitment. as you can see, i can ONLY commit 1 day at a time so far - i can't see past 24 hours. i USED to try NOT to b/p multiple times a day and just focus on 1 time -- how LAME is that????

we can all only do our best. i'm hoping for another good day without b/p. i'm worried about tomorrow b/c I have dinner plans at a "cook-out" where I will NOT HAVE CONTROL over the types of foods served, etc. i will try to talk myself into being a good girl.

i know if i mess up just a LITTLE< and feel like i've eaten too much, it'll be a all out b/p evening. :(


anyways, working on my progress.. each day or part thereof without b/p is a VICTORY for my body and health..

take care,

You're so right, every day, even every hour without it is a victory!
i really don't think it's lame to first aim for reducing the amount of b/ps. i thought so too until i realized even half a day seems almost impossible for me.
this morning i didn't think i'd even get through midday, but now it's 6pm here and no b/p yet. i'm trying to be proud of that although im not sure if i'm making excuses to be 'allowed' to b/p later. man, it's crazy talking so openly about it. this is usually one fo the most embarassing things to me, the fact that i actually plan it all and incorporate into my day.

it's hard going to any public dinner. if i'm in such a situation i usually try to keep busy, walking around, helping out, and i'll be drinking tons of water, simply to have something in my hand.
but considering the strength and resilience you have shown so far i believe you can push through this. and if things go downhill, remember that this is just a test, like a mock, and it'll prepare for you next time!!

stay strong caroline! i'm rooting for you.


Hi girl i want to commit too!! no more purging no more binging we can do this. We can b strong together.

you go ladies!!! :-)