I want to quit smoking but for the last year i have been liv

I want to quit smoking but for the last year i have been living under exteme anxiety due to some events. I had quit 2 years prior with no smoking at all but started again amd this year has been a mental torture. This time around it seems i cant do it. I need help! I have started therapy which helps a lot with many things but not with smoking. What can i do?

Have you thought about trying Chantix to help you quit? I've heard people say that it really helps.
When I decided to quit I was having health problems so I was determined that no matter how bad it got I was going to tough it out. It was worse than I thought it would be but I stuck with it and just suffered for several months. I chewed nicotine gum for a year.
You can do it you just wish there was something to make it not so bad. I knew someone that quit using Chantix they said it was fairly easy but not everyone is the same. I was having extreme anxiety when I quit but there is never a good or perfect time to quit. I just excepted the fact that I was going to suffer for months and go through hell and i was right it was hell.

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I dont know if chantix will work because its not just the nicotine for me but the very act of going to my patio for a smoke it feels like a me time like a small meditation ( LOL) that calms my current anxiety and i dont know how to go without it?

@Couchpotatonatasha I understand. I didn’t know how to go without smoking either you just have to quit and learn ways that work for you. There is no easy way or a way to make it painless that’s why so many people won’t quit because they don’t want to go through the withdrawals and go without their favorite companion. Even if you come up with ways to calm your anxiety you still won’t want to quit because its horrible. No one wants to quit, you have to force yourself and prepare yourself for hell. There’s things to help make it some easier but that’s all you can do.