I want to share an Ah Ha moment

Hey Everybody, I want to share an Ah Ha moment, or realization starting to dawn on me. When I first visisted this site, I read many posts, and as I saw the compassion and caring shown by all, I started wanting to feel it too. I didn't really understand how any of this worked, but knew I had to jump in. What I have found is the more I post and share the better I feel. I don't believe any of this is chance, rather God's greater plan for all of us. Right after Doug's death I didn't know how I could go on and still wish I didn't have to, but I am beginning to see more purpose for my life. It amazes me how virtual strangers can become so involved in each others lives, in such a short time. I guess it is due to sharing the most intimate details of our lives. I love all of you for your support, and hope I can be support for you too. Nothing will ever change my love for him and I don't think I'll ever stop missing him with all of me, but I do see how much sharing is helping me. Keep posting and see if it helps you too. Bunches of Virtual Hugs, Raylene


u got it girl its a share and care community that thrives on solving others problems, its strange how u read something and then try to think of ways round it. pretty soon u have spent time gettin on with things and not feeling so bad about your own worries

keep up the good work with all your posting

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Domestic, I felt impressed to share what I'm sure many have already found. I know it's all a process, but I have been amazed at how simply sharing and caring about others suffering, could make such a difference in how I feel. It doesn't minimize my love or lost feelings, but eases the pain for me. I guess it takes the focus off my grief and loneliness when I realize others are suffering similarly as me. In the beginning of my journey I couldn't imagine how anyone could survive this pain. As I see others expressing those same feelings I realize I wasn't unique. I may have reached this decrease in pain eventually, but not as soon without help from you all. I will always be greatful for the help I am receiving here. Hugs, Raylene


the site is like the communities of old, where someone has survived and past the wisdom on in our shrinking world of chaos its here u find like minds, those who have dared to try and many who have suceeded.

all of life is a journey with many branches of pathways and as u navigate the site u will find no one has managed to steer a straight path from start to finish, but the true beauty is someone is already walking down your route so u are not alone

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)