I was a big chocolate eater. Every evening after dinner, I

I was a big chocolate eater. Every evening after dinner, I would have a cup of green tea and a bunch of chocolate. I switched to ice cream, and I swear it has helped me with the number of outbreaks I have. I was having them about all of the time. Now, there’re not as frequent and don’t last. I had read where something in chocolate wasn’t good for herpes sufferers. If you’re a chocolate holic, give it a try.

as we always state here, everyone responds differently to different "Potential Triggers".

Good For You and Chocolate!!! ENjoY IT while it's all good!

@a_survivor I think you misread my post although it was possibly stated a little confusingly. I meant I can back on chocolate consumption which seemed to help a lot . There a chemical in chocolate that antagonizes herpes.

Amazing how food affects us all differently.

not only for HSV either! IBS, food allergies, etc etc etc!
and lordy knows what those pesticides and GMO’s are doing to us!!

I saw a chart somewhere that when you crave certain foods, it's related to some nutrient craving. I think for chocolate, the substitute is some sort of nuts. Although blueberries and chocolate taste the same, in cake :p I once went to a dark room where it was blind people giving you your food and stuff, the mystery cake they brought out tasted like chocolate to me, but it was blueberries. Weirdest experience ever.

@Doodle1234 That is strange. I doubt I could ever get blueberries mixed up with chocolate. I guess it just shows that circumstances matter.

i watched JazzyVegetarian on PBS and they always try to **Fake The Beef**! or add Tofu to simulate XYZ! tastes just like... or something like that. it has become a strange society these days...

it’s the new platform! I HATE IT!!

anyone still here by any chance? i’m about to ghost this platform!