I was addicted to Video games when I was a teen. I was livin

I was addicted to Video games when I was a teen. I was living at home going to local college for something I didn't want to even do. Everything in my life I was doing to make my parents happy. I found my first online roll playing game and got to create the life I wanted. I stopped sleeping, I cut class, didn't have a job. The game was the only happiness I had at that time. My father who was extremely verbally and emotionally abusive eventually got so mad at me one day he ripped the computer cables and broke everything. Pretty much destroying the only shred of happiness i had left at that time. Even though it wasn't real happiness it was devastating. Later on I moved out and found alcohol and food to numb my pain which is another story. I still love to play games but I know to set limits for myself and I have a family of my own now who I love to spend time with so I try to be present for them. A lot of my addiction was depression and trying to escape from my abusive home life. Long story short you can recover from this it takes work but it's possible and addiction is real. You're not lazy or anything else people tell you, to try to make it seem like addiction isn't a real thing. It is but there is help out there. <3

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How have you been able to keep that recovery momentum going during your struggle to fight the addiction? What role does your family play now in your recovery? Thank you for your post!

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@Aura82 Hi Aura! I think I’ve been “lucky” lol to have other addictions in my life that have 12-step programs that go with them. I attend 12-step meetings regularly, I have built a community of people in recovery so that I don’t isolate anymore which has been one of my biggest reasons for becoming consumed by certain games. That isolation is rough. I basically force myself to make phone calls to people and go outside instead of isolating indoors. As for my family, my husband is a gamer too so that’s kinda hard sometimes but he doesn’t seem to have the same issues I do. My son is my best motivation. I want to be present for him not hidden away in my electronics. I know I’m not always 100% perfect with this. There are somedays where I wanna just submerge myself in a game all day long cause they are fun and entertaining, but I never want to over do it. I have to give myself time limits or I won’t sleep. Make rules for myself. I’m part of a gaming meet up so that allows me the freedom to play my games but I’m actually going to someones house and playing with several other people and interacting with them for a few hours. do still fantasize about my son taking a long nap so I can play my games a little longer but once he’s awake I’ve got to give him my attention. Those are my rules for myself. Not sure if any of that was helpful but it’s worked for me so far.