I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with genital herpes even though

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with genital herpes even though 2 vaginal cultures came back negative for HSV. My symptoms were atypical so much so that I had two different providers stated that I didn't have herpes. Mine looked like scratches and rednes rather than blisters. I am recently divorced from my ex wife of 10 years and am with a new (female) partner. We have been dating for 3 months. We had sex for the first time and to my surprise within the week, I thought I had a yeast infection took Monistat 1 day and had a reaction. Long story short, 7 weeks later I was diagnosed with BV and having HSV. I was started on Valtrex for 10 days. It went away for 4 days then we had sex and it started again. My GYN said as a first outbreak this can happen. I went through all for the stages of grief. My current partner is very supportive. We have no idea if she gave it to me through oral sex even though she states she has never had a cold sore or any other STI. Or if I already had it and being with a new person activated a outbreak.

My question is mainly for the ladies, right before my second outbreak, I noticed tingling which I was told was my sign that I was going to have another outbreak. Of course that was after I was already having one. It's been four days since completing 3 days of Valtrex. I'm feeling somewhat better but still quite red and irritated. I do not have any sores or ulcers. I am using Valtrex as needed for outbreaks and if they keep coming frequently then I may do the daily Valtrex. I'm also looking at starting L-Lysine has my GYN told me it has been helfpul in other patients.

I know everyone is different, how long does the redness and irritation remain after completing a 3 day treatment?
Has anyone had outbreaks in short amount of times?
This is a new relationship and unfortunately we've not been able to have sex really since I've had my 2 outbreaks. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen every time we are intimate. Honestly, I'm not feeling sexy or even interested in sex. Though she reassures me that she is still extremely sexually attracted to me. And we are awaiting her test results.

Welcome Aboard!
though i am not female, as moderator i do have a few comments.
1) you are not alone and i highly suggest downloading and reading the FREE Handbook we have pinned at the top! Together you two should read and digest all the information.
2) you are so blessed to have a partner who is so supportive! count your blessing and forge forward "As A Team"!
3) Vaginal Cultures (PCR Swab Test) can be very accurate when you are active otherwise, false negatives are very likely.
4) you may want to take note in the handbook about "Triggers" (pg 6).
being your body is new, vigorous sex among other potentials can cause OB's. as your body builds its immune strength and learns to identify HSV, things will change. as you age, things **Generally** get better.
yes, there are tons of variables involved and as you two continue together, you will learn how your body can/will react.

ultimately HSV will force you to live a healthier lifestyle to keep OB's to a minimum.

please read the handbook!

@a_survivor Thank you so much for your response and for forwarding the handbook. I just started reading a few paragraphs and it is more informative and thorough in it’s explanation than I have seen thus far.
From what I have been told by my GYN, I needed to get swabbed within 48hrs of the blisters oozing. It had been way past that the two times that I had been seen. And in my case, I didn’t have blisters (or maybe I just didn’t see them) but had a lot of the others symptoms.
I haven’t gotten to the triggers page yet but will be combing through that section carefully. Yes, I am extremely fortunately that my partner is supportive and understanding. It was still very stressful and scary telling her nonetheless. I am happy that I found this board!

@Caita1975 Welcome to the group. I highly recommend reading through as many posts here as you can as you will probably find answers in those posts. Every person is different, with a few having to take daily meds, a few almost never having outbreaks, and the majority only having a few outbreaks a year which can be managed with meds once they adjust. Some people have triggers that can include sex, alcohol, peanuts, coffee, or for me stress and lack of sleep. You will have to learn how your body and immune system works but the posts here should give you a basic idea from others who have traveled the same journey. You are already a step ahead having a partner who supports you and can travel this journey with you. Good luck.

@JayRob40 Thank you! I hope I fit into the rarely having an outbreak Group. I’ll have to get a little journal to keep track as well. Yes, for me recently, sex, lack of sleep, stress, and increase coffee intake have been a factor. Thanks is all so very helpful!!