I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I have a hard time sticking to

I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I have a hard time sticking to a diet and exercising. I work and attend school full time. I need advice on how to control this. Also money is tight so it's hard to always by good food and with my busy schedule it's hard to cook all the time.

What type are you? It's very hard to stay with a diet so take diet out of your thoughts, this is no longer a diet it is a lifestyle change. For me I didn't take care of myself for 15 years, and I know sooner or later I will pay for that, and it is why I made the lifestyle change.
If we don't take care of ourselves there is so much we risk losing, eye sight was my biggest reason to lifestyle changing. Also we don't have to deprive ourselves from everything just the major ones Ice Cream. The plus is from when I found out to now there is a lot of good sugar free choices. Hopefully this little information helps. As far as exercising, I lost a lot of weight just from walking, so if you're walking at least 15 minutes (to school at the store etc) give yourself credit and when you start getting your sugar under control you'll find yourself with more energy. :-)

I am type 2and thanks for the helpful information

That is much easier to control you got this :-). I hope it helps

Im really am trying. its just hard sometimes

I am in the same boat as you. Diagnosed type 2 9 years ago. I try and use the crock pot on days I know I'm going to be super busy. Also I like to keep lunch meat and cheese and veggies to snack on. I was on the take shape for life diet that focuses on low glycemic index foods and that did normalize my blood sugar but when my finances took a turn for the worse I could no longer afford it

It's so hard to maintain healthy life-style. I would highly advice you to start creating small tiny healthy habits " step by step" process, to induce a long-term healthy behavior. For example, you can " walk for 10 minutes each morning " , " follow a healthy eating style, and reduce the consumption of food that are high with carbs and saturated fat (processed food)" , if it's hard for you to keep up with diets and exercise due to your busy schedule, then it's time that you start using a mobile-app that acts as an intervention tool " to keep reminding you about your goals ,etc" .

Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you could fill up this survey https://serag.typeform.com/to/OLknoe . I am currently conducting a study on diabetes eating behavior and habits and the aim of the study is to create an application that could assist and help diabetic patients toward healthy eating.

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