I was diagnosed with POF earlier this year (I was 20, now am

I was diagnosed with POF earlier this year (I was 20, now am 21), but I suspect I have had it since I was 16 or 17 (I remember weird hot flashes and lack of periods for months at a time when not on the pill). I think I have built up some sort of emotional wall to the infertility part. I have cried about it, but a lot of the time I just block it out. I didn't plan on having children until my late twenties anyway, but I know that when that time comes it will be incredibly hard. One of my current concerns is my overall health due to this condition. First of all, I got a bone scan and was told I have osteopenia, which is the precursor the osteoporosis. I was told I should take calcium and vitamin D, increase my exercise, and was placed on birth control (Mononessa, regular estrogen level) a week ago as a way to force my body to get periods. Are any of you on birth control as a treatment method? I have a history of reacting badly to birth control (severe mood swings, depression, etc) and am wondering if taking birth control now will actually balance out my system and NOT give me those awful symptoms people normally get. If anyone has any experiences with taking BC with POF, please share!
Also, I have been freaking myself out by researching online (of course) and have read that we with POF are twice as likely to have heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, shorter life expectancy, etc. This, I think, is what is the hardest to cope with for me. Is all of this true? I am terrified of death and it literally wrecks me to think I could suffer any of those fates. I am a mess thinking about all of this, and prior to finding this forum thought I was the only one my age suffering. I am glad I found you all and hope we can learn from/help each other going forward.

Welcome to SG! I'm afraid I have no experience of your condition, but I'll just comment on the second part of your posting. Understanding the kind of statistics you are finding is not easy and may not tell you as much as you'd think. Everyone is going to suffer the occasional accident or illness, and everyone is going to die of something eventually. Seven years ago I has a 50% chance of surviving another 5 years. It took a considerable effort on my part, but it was possible to accept that I simply could not predict the future with any certainty and just get on with living. If you let the fear of death take over your life, you won't do much living. Medicine is getting better all the time, so while your odds of dying early may be worse than some others' the probablility that we will all survive to a ripe old age is improving. Take control of those aspects of your health you can, and try not to worry too much about the rest. That's what everyone should do, really :-) Wishing you all the best.

@buddhabob Very true and insightful. Thank you so much and wishing you the very best