I was diagnosed with prostatitis about a month ago, and that

I was diagnosed with prostatitis about a month ago, and that is being treated. However, I also have OCD and as a result I keep checking my penis over and over again.

While checking, I found something weird on the bottom of my foreskin when rubbing a finger on it. I looked carefully and found a very small and hard to see skin indentation. I can spread it apart and make it wider, almost giving it a crater like appearance. This could have been there for a very long time but I wouldn't know, but I keep freaking out that this is seriously infected or cancerous. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't seem to be any weird color, it doesn't ooze, it's just there and I can see and feel it (if I look carefully).

In addition, a couple of years ago I had some pimples down there likely due to my poor hygiene at the time. I tried popping one which didn't quite work, and there has been a scar down there ever since, also crater like. It's more noticeable than the one on my foreskin which wasn't from a pimple, but also does not hurt or ooze or anything.

I'm so nervous that this is skin cancer on my penis. :'(

Pearly penile papules

Around the glans - the bit that looks like Darth Vader’s helmet - a lot of men notice a little row of tiny little pimples, very regular, almost like pretty maids all in a row. Sometimes they can go down onto the shaft as well, up the edge and in the mid line, but often they happen around the edge of the helmet. A lot of boys and men worry that they have picked up something like genital warts. In fact, these things are perfectly normal. They are called ‘pearly penile papules’. You can tell they are normal because they look small and regular and they occur usually in beautiful lines. They are perfectly normal papules that occur on the penis that help with lubrication. Please don’t try to remove them! I’ve seen some men who get very obsessed who try to shave them off with a cheese grater. That can only cause more harm - you should look after your penis.

@SpideyMan I would just get it checked out and not worry so much about it. I know that is very hard for you but if it is not causing any pain or infected I think it will be fine. xo

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