I was did nosed with Graves disease at 16, had surgery at 18

I was did nosed with Graves disease at 16, had surgery at 18, due to them leaving 5 % of the tissue in to burn itself out, at 47, It grew back on the left side. I'm having surgery to tremor it again due to so many issues. I'm hypo, with hyper symptoms as well. The gland gets inflammed, hurts and dumps.a large amount of hormone at one time making me feel as though I'm on speed. Once it wears off I am beyond exhaustion. My mind is foggy, my emotions are ALL over the place and it's actually made me anxious all the time, with panic attacks. It seems it's awaken a part of my brain that holds bad memories. I dream of things thats hurt me in the past or scared me, then wake up in a panic, sad or angry. Hardest part of all this is no one understands and I hear, I make more of what I feel , I need let it go, and just live life. Anyone else dealing with these issues?

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I am sorry you are dealing with this issue. I have hashimoto's disease underactive which makes me exhausted day in and day out. My thyroid at this point is being eaten by the disease so I almost do not have on anymore and take the medication for this. You are in good hands with your drs. so much progress has been made with thyroid conditions at this point. Try to relax and make sure that your dr. knows everything that you are dealing with right now write it all down thats what I have to do. xx

@Jennipain having hypothyroidism and it’s symptoms and then hyper when my gland goes in over drive is driving me crazy. The emotional roller coaster and the mental and physical exhaustion is hard , I feel for you , hypo is harder to deal.l with. I am hypo at the moment. They took me off my mess cold turkey a few months back, my levels were off the charts. I crashed, so they put me back on meds, now trying to get me on track before surgery.

I actually started a journal back in may, when it started to get so bad. Seems the doctor I have is trying to understand, but I wish my family did. Don't know how to explain all that I feel and how it's affecting me mentally and physically. I am not a complainer and I try to keep up with the daily grind, but here lately I'm not doing do hot.

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I’m sorry for all that your going through, has anything help you in the past?

I have excessive sweating with my Graves disease. Body aches extreme fatigue. Major depression. I feel awful physical and mentally.

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I feel a lot of your symptoms, and it SUCKS! I hope they get your levels where you need them. I've felt really great when I was just above the normal range on my labs. But here now.lately I am way low and feel terrible again. My anxiety and depression is really bad.

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You aren't alone. I have many of these symptoms. My hair comes out by the fist fulls, I'm fuming one minute, crying the next, anxious about what happening to me, my eyes are really starting to hurt me, and I'm just really scared.

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