I was dignosed with HSV-2 about two and a half years ago, I

I was dignosed with HSV-2 about two and a half years ago, I am currently 24 years old. The person who gave it to me claimed he didnt know and upon telling me he got tested and it was negative, he ghosted me. It's been hit and miss. There have been some partners whom I have told and they have supported me and we've worked with it and others who get freaked out and leave or ghost... i get more of the latter though. I have been struggling with this rejection a lot lately as I disclaim and tell people who I really start having a connection with before I sleep with them. I know that just means they are not the person for me, but dealing with rejection over and over again takes a toll.
I know about 1 in 8 people (at least) have hsv and I'm not alone, but that doesnt stop the feeling of being dirty and unwanted. Anyone else struggle with this and do you have any advice or words of wisdom?

after reading a few of your posts, i must congratulate you on your progress! you have the right attitude of a winner and as time passes and you come to realize that HSV is truly testing the integrity of those who ghost you vs those who totally believe in you.

Be strong and know that you are on the right path! it's what happened to me and i am now married for 23 yrs.
there is a debate whether to divulge ASAP or wait... it's purely your call. here's a link to that discussion from our past:

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@a_survivor Thank you for your support and for the resource.