I was doing really well till the middle of the night. I don'

I was doing really well till the middle of the night. I don't know why I have to be so sensitive. I don't want to even get up this morning. Just waste away on this couch, not like anyone would care.

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I do care and I have depression too I do that sometimes

Man have I been there. Keep your head up things get better just don't give up. The best way to fight depression is just to keep going. Get up shower, force yourself to eat, place yourself in places where your not alone, eat something sweat , get fresh air and fight! I've attempted suicide in the past before and I got to say I'm really happy I didn't finish myself off back then. I'm going to college right now and I love it. I feel like I have a sense of direction back in my life and I'm working towards the greater goal of someday being able to give back to my community as a nurse. Long story short things get better they really do. Just don't give up.

@writergirl thank you. Sometimes it just gets so hard.
@duck95 I've attempted before as well. Sometimes it just feels like I can't go on. It doesn't get that bad all the time, it just seems everytime the sun goes down so does my happiness...

It's true, it seems that the more sensitive we are, the more pain we suffer (I'm also pretty sensitive). However, I've seen a few quotes and sayings over time about struggling with this. We do suffer more than others, but because we are sensitive, it's easier for us to love and fall in love more quickly. While falling in love may bring us pain, showing love to others can't hurt us, if we love, just to love.

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Being sensitive can help u notice thers needs more than other people sometimes. So if u don’t think anyone cares for you, maybe care for someone else, and don’t expect anyrhing in return. Seeing that maybe u made someone happy will start to rub off on u over time, and you’ll start to feel their joy as well :slight_smile: