I was just noticing how clear my scars are. Tomorrow marks 9

i was just noticing how clear my scars are. Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since the last time i hurt myself. But this past weekend someone was admiring my new watch and she turned my arm over and there they were so clear to her and me. There's no hiding my pain from anyone anymore.

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You should focus on the progess you made and be proud of urself , pain demands to be felt but its how u handle it that makes the difference

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@unknownkid12345678 that is a profound statement. But sometimes I wonder why I try the next day when yesterday I felt completely hopeless

You can never undo the past. The scars will always be there. Just look at them as a reminder of how they made you into the strong person you are today. Remember that you are in a better place today than you were yesterday. Congratulations on 9 weeks and I hope you continue to be strong. Whenever you find yourself in that dark place, try handling it differently. Talk to someone about it, or do something to get your mind off of it.
Stay strong! I wish you all the best, and remember, it always gets better :)

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@Moe123 thanx. i’m waiting for those days where i ffeel it’s better and when i don’t look to hurting myself as an option anymore. when things get really dark i wonder why i’m trying to stop myself from harming.

Congrats. Moe has a good point. "Do something to get your mind off it" = distraction. Learn distractions that work for you. And "Talk to someone" = support network. We are one here but if you have someone you are close to and who cares about you, that is worht so much. One other thing that just came to mind... Triggers... Learn what your are and more importantly, learn how to be ready for them. If you need help with that, just ask.

@wahlecoyote as soon as i mention to my friends at home that i’ve hurt myself they get so stressed out they don’t know what to do. mind you i’ve been doing this since i was in 9th grade and i’m out of high school for 2 years already. when i talk to them i need their help to be a distraction instead they go ratting me out to any adult and that just makes me feel worse. and want to do it again…

OK. If you can't trust your friends to confide in, they are not the right ones for that. You can come here for support. Nobody will rat you out. There are many here who have some ideas to help you stay free of "the beast" though. What do you know about triggers?