I was just recently diagnosed with POF, I am age 39. I went I was just recently diagnosed with POF, I am age 39. I went

I was just recently diagnosed with POF, I am age 39. I went to my PCP complaining of unexplained weight gain, ovarian pain, hair loss, general fatigue, aching joints. She tested my FSH and it was very high: 92. I had it tested again one month later and it was 156. I was shocked to find this out. I am struggling with the diagnosis. I have felt certain that something is wrong inside me to cause this. I am wondering about cancers and autoimmune disease. My instincts have been telling me that something is wrong. One year ago, there was no sign of this - everything was very healthy, except for ovarian cysts. I have a history of ovarian cysts, and have had ultrasounds often through the years, it seems to me that there would have been some indication that things were declining. My older sister is 45 and has not started menopause yet, my mother was 50 when it started for her. I have had a lot of blood tests done recently, looking for markers of other diseases, none have been found so far. I am meeting with a fertility doctor on Friday to discuss the situation and what my options are, since we were going to try to get pregnant this year. I think we may be considering using donor eggs, if that is even a possibility for me. I want to make sure first that I am healthy. It's hard for me to trust that this just happened out of the blue, and no one knows why. I have always been very fertile (it would seem), I got pregnant twice by accident while taking birth control pills. How could things change so drastically, so quickly? it's very confusing. I am grateful that I have not experienced this situation up until now, at this age, but I am really struggling to understand and accept what is going on. My body feels completely out of control.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Weight gain and hair loss are also thyroid symptoms. It is most likely autoimmune, mine as and I'm now getting my periods again. A lot has changed with my health since I had to make lifestyle changes. Have you thought about seeing an ND?

@mnbudd , I haven’t yet seen an ND, but I will start to look for one. I also think it is my thyroid. I have felt a very slight pressure in my throat, like a slight choked feeling, I suspect it is something with my thyroid that I’m feeling. Sounds a little crazy maybe. I’ve been battling (it feels like) with my PCP to order more tests. I finally got her to order an ultrasound. It’s amazing how difficult dealing with the doctors can be. Next step, find an ND. Thank you!