I was raped as a virgin when I was 15. But instead of it mak

I was raped as a virgin when I was 15. But instead of it making me hate sex and be secluded, I started having sex with anyone I could and begging to be noticed. Is that normal? I feel like an anomaly...

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I did something similar. I was a virgin when my dad tried to molest me. After some problems in group homes I ran away and gave my virginity to a stranger. I became a prostitute. Sometimes I enjoyed it, usually I didn't. I didn't care about any of my partners. After I started to get my life together I stopped having sex. My husband was the first man I loved, and my first real relationship that I had sex with. I still have some issues but my husband is patient and understanding.

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it affects everyone differently. My ex was raped and I don't know who she is anymore and shes the only woman I ever loved. I keep praying for her

It's good to know im not the only one.

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How old are you now and have you had any counseling for it?

I was never raped as a child thank god but I can relate to your need to be noticed and feel wanted by someone. for me sex was just an outlet for me to get back at my parents and then it turned into an addiction but I know that if you allow yourself to hate sex you miss on a part of your life that is extremely beautiful. your not alone and especially on here you will never have to feel alone again we love and support you.

I did the exact same! I still don't view sex as something special and even though I'm in a committed relationship with the love of my life I sometimes miss the feeling of having some stranger finding you iresitable. I haven't spoken about it with anyone yet but I soon might because I don't want to ruin the relationship I'm in now for some attention from a loser guy who just wants in my pants

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I am 21 now. I have never told anyone I know that it happened. My mom had suspicions but I never told her. I got raped by a 28 year old at a party. I know his name but I do not want to bring it up to anyone. I have not been to a therapist or counselor. I am unable to talk about it in person, only through writing...

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It's a start.

Again, I cannot talk to therapists

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It took me 19 years to say aloud that I was raped. I spoke about what happened but couldn't say that word for so long. I started by saying it aloud to myself first. But if the only way you can say it right now is to write it, it's a start. I didn't speak to counsellors about what happened to me and now I wish I had. I always thought that I was different, I didn't know the things I struggled with were common. I spent nearly 20 years feeling ashamed and embarrassed about my struggles until I heard another woman's story and realized She had the same struggle I did. If it helps, start by writing here. Or if you prefer, start in pm. I will listen.