I was raped at age 15 by a sexual predator who went to my h

I was raped at age 15 by a sexual predator who went to my high school. I was 30 years old before a trauma trained therapist helped me understand that it was not my fault. I am now 33 and can openly talk about it. So I just want to say I was raped it was horrible!!! It changed my life forever. Trying to find peace all these years later. I just want to talk about it! I just want to say over and over I was raped I want to not hide it. Not feel ashamed of it. I want to heal from it. The memorie never goes away.

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im so sorry that happened to you honey it is horrible being raped nobody has the right to hurt you

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@Chntbrnkr thank you! In trying to get over it.

I'm not in your group so I hope you see this. I was raped when I was 13. I know how you feel, after a lifetime of hiding in shame I want to talk about it. But no one else does. People tell me to get over is or leave the past in the past. But I can't , I still have nightmares and has affected every aspect of my life. I've tried online support groups before and found people don't want to talk about there either.

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@Danglinblackheart I will talk to you. Anytime.

talking about it will help the healing and talking with those whom relate helps too.........as you talk openly more you will find the intensity of the memory begin to ease..............like not in your face so much ........we do not forget but we do learn how to accept this happened...........wheni say accept not saying itis okay or not traumatic but saying accept , i lived through it and did the best i could at that time........spent many years replaying trying to change it and then feeling alot of guilt at times even.....accepting is part of healing............rape is horrific and some take longer than others to process which only means in our time not other peoples time but our time ...........i was first raped at age 3 and would endure numerrous rapists ,sexual assaults and sexual abuse for 44 yrs of my life, then to have loved ones raped and sexually assaulted after ............people whom have not been raped struggle to relate and even feel helpless...........some can barely handle the rape they endured let alone hear others.........finding the connection with another person can even take one person to help you in your healing journey.......it helps when your at similar stages too............keep posting and keep sharing...............if you post details please post trigger warnings though at top ............no one should have to deal alone

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