I was recently given the news that I have HIV, I was in disb

I was recently given the news that I have HIV, I was in disbelief, angry, in shock, unwilling to accept it. I have no one to blame but myself for the mistakes I made that led to my dx, the hardest part was having to tell my partner of 14yrs & admit that I had affairs. I was ready to gather my things n run away but he took my hand n said will get through this together major shocker. I'm still learning to accept the facts n know it's gonna be a crazy ride with many twists n turns ahead.

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Hugs and welcome!

@Finn94 Its going to be all that you allow it to be. I'm a month in, and yes it's really tough sometimes, but I refuse to let this virus define me. I choose to allow that it is living with me, not vice versa. I'M in charge of tomorrow! Here if you need to talk!

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@ wyosunny
Thank You. Helpful & nice to get feedback.
Each day is a new beginning but I just get anxious & nerved racked too many thoughts going on in my head.
Where are you located? I'm Long Beach,CA

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@Finn94 I’m in UT. Every day is indeed a new beginning, and each new day will get better! Try n it to stress too much!