I was round at a mates yesterday and after the constant misg

I was round at a mates yesterday and after the constant misgendering and mentions of how it was wrong because I'm such a 'beautiful/lovely woman' (I think part of the problem is that he finds me attractive and coming from a religious Irish background that's very confusing for him if I'm a guy) had been going on for quite a while my other mate tried to explain that he shouldn't keep saying that, which lead into a rather heated debate about why I'm chosing to transition - not helped by us all being varying stages of drunk.
It was really stressful to try and get the point across that this is something I need to do, and that I don't really give a toss what anyone else thinks because I have to be able to live with myself. Although my more supportive mate said that I did exactly the right thing by just yelling at him until he shut up and listened (because that fits with his idea of how a guy should act). I'm really not good with confrontation, partly because I used to have a lot of issues with losing my temper and getting violent when I did.
Of course after I left and sobered up a bit I came up with all the points and better explanations I should've made, so hopefully I'll remember them in the future... I'm sure I'll be having plenty of similar experiences...

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Can I give him a smack in the head for you?

@AnaLeigh nah, it’s cool, I did that myself, but only a gentle one cos I like him :stuck_out_tongue:

I think having a serious talk with him, but with your supportive friend present, while everybody is sober would be a good approach to try to get him to understand. Even if he can't wrap his head around it, he needs to understand that by misgendering you he is disrespecting you. If he's really your friend he'll come around.

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@Anonymous_Alias Thanks mate, he’s been a lot better about it since, my more supportive friend had a word with him, and sobriety (or at least relative sobriety) made a difference when we’ve spoken about it since