I was sexually attacked by this guy that lives in another co

I was sexually attacked by this guy that lives in another country and I have so much anger inside me that has built up since then and all I want to be able to do is face him and tell him he didn't break me, but the fact that I can't and that he gets to go on with his life when I feel so much anger makes me feel so sick inside and angry. So I DO feel broken....It's been over 3 years of this pain and anger.

He KNOWS he can get away with it and he is so smug about it PURPOSELY like it's his badge of honor.

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One day in anger I started writing to him. It was about 3 pages of heart and pain on paper, the stuff I'd never get the chance to say, but wanted desperately to do so.

I hear you're angry. I guess tha'ts what helped me in similar situation. I eneded up burning it and other things that related to that time, as a ceremonial send off so to speak....it helped. It didn't fix it, but it helped, and started the process of letting that go.

Hugs mate, I'm sorry. :)

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@RedEarth thanks. I haven’t been able to have sexual relations (not even kissing) with anyone since that happened. I’m so afraid to let anyone touch me now. I don’t trust people. I’m going to try what you said though. I’m willing to try anything.

@flowerbug1 Mate, I'm sorry for that, honest. I understand. That feels very lonely. Please try, and don't stop.

You and your sexuality are worth it mate. It's not your fault. But you are going to have to take responsibility for it. Ignore him. He's a f*ckwit.
There are decent humans out there mate, even decent guy's. :)

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