I was talking to my CBR/PSR about what had happened with my

I was talking to my CBR/PSR about what had happened with my ex and how he was in that 9 1/2 yr relationship the whole time without me knowing at a restaurant tonight. Sitting at the table behind her was his mom and his aunt, but my CBR didn't know it. She was looking right at me. He has shown me pictures of her before, so I knew it was her and she knew I knew too. At the end of the conversation, right before I left I told my CBR that I have never gone from loving someone to hating them like this. His mom mouthed, "I'm so sorry" to me and I got up and left. I was almost in tears. Not because of the pain he caused me, I am pretty much over it, I was only telling her because I hadn't talked to her about it yet and it was important to my treatment at that moment, but because I could see the disappointment in him mom's face and I felt horrible for her. He has to deal with that now, not me. The only question I still keep asking myself abut it all is, "How can ANYONE look someone in the eyes and do something like this to someone they say they care deeply for, for entire year?"

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My answer is they are heartless I think u strong for walking away. Hey I walked away tonight myself look at us taking control. Now don't get me wrong I got along way to go but I faced him and told him no more!!! And I meant it.

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Sorry you have been so hurt. That must of been quite a blow to find out the deception was for so long. I'm glad to here that you are moving past the pain. I'm not sure why but someone would lie that long but he is the one that has to live with himself for living a fake life, not you.

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Thank u for saying that let's me know others care for the longest I stayed hid away from people places and things. Since I started working out I have begin to love me more.

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I got a gym membership once but just couldn't do it even though I paid for it for an entire year. He destroyed my self-esteem that much. That is why I hate him. Not because of what he did as much, but I use to have a descent self-esteem and now I don't at all thanks to being with someone for a year who kept me a secret for a year and I had no idea why.