I was with my ex fiance for 6 years and for the 2 1/2 yrs th

Trust daughters father
I was with my ex fiance for 6 years and for the 2 1/2 yrs that my daughter has been alive it has for the majority of the time been the same. He would work everyday from basically 10 am to 10pm. And I'd be the care giver to our daughter and do everything for her. And so my question is, how am I supposed to learn to trust my ex with my daughter for 3 1/2 days without me every week. Especially now that he got this 18 year old girlfriend when him (25) and I (23) just broke up and I don't particularly like her around my daughter

Too little information, is he the father of your daughter?, did you two get in a divorce, do you two have a court settlement that arranges the time that the child is divided between you two. Does he have a record of abuse or is he a good father? Does she have a record of abuse, is she good towards your daughter or bad? Too many things that the reader needs to guess.

Yes he's the father.we were never married we were just together for 6 years (highschool sweethearts). No we don't not yet trying to save enough money for a lawyer or else he will try n push me around in court. Good father? Yes but he physically doesn't have enough time in the day for her since he works 11 to 12 hours a day n only gets off 2 days a week. Is she a good person? Personally I think she's probably as good as a person can be with helping to drive a wedge between me n him to separate us

Don't judge too early.. I understand it but I was 19 when I came into the life of my stepdaughters and their moms had sooo many judgements about me because of my age... 2 years later their moms love me because I take great care of their kids and we became friends and we are all together raising two beautiful girls.. At some point, sooner or later he would've met someone else.. Try to avoid court, if you can, way too much money for a bunch of bullshit which two adults can figure out themselves.. Just ask your ex if you can meet his new girlfriend, you have a right to know who is around your daughter, don't be the one to start the mess. It might be difficult now, but remember this is about your daughter, if she likes her, and she treats her right, you got to accept that. If she doesn't treat her right, that's a different story. In the end it's all about your child and your child needs her dad, even if he works a lot.

I hear where your coming from and congrats on having that kind of life at that young of an age. You sound like the kind of guy every single mom would want around their kid. But for her I'm just nervous because she's still planning on leaving for school and he even told me himself he doesn't see him with her for more than a year but my daughter is already so attached. Then with him working so much I can honestly say I refuse to ever have my daughter not have contact with her father when he has the time. So I'm just going to have him have her the days he has off because besides that he has his sisters n father watch her when her mother is perfectly capable to have her kid during the time. But if he has off of course I'd let him have her and if he switches jobs and gets more time off for her then I'll be fine with changing it up then too. It's just a lots going on n she's starting to act up with all the changes. I just want to have this done so I can get back to giving her stability

@Mariaheb if he thinks they won’t last… Yes then I totally understand. I don’t think anyone should introduce their child if they already know the person will leave the child’s life… Young children get attached to easily and it will break their heart to go through a break up again…