I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to support someo

I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to support someone who's been emotionally abused? My girlfriend is finding it difficult to support me (also female) because she can't really relate to what I'm going through. I think she is feeling really overwhelmed because she doesn't really know what to do or say. I told her I just need someone to listen to me and support me but she's still struggling. Does anyone have any resources or advice I could pass along to her to help her not feel so overwhelmed?

Some background: I was/am emotionally abused and neglected by my parents. My father is an alcoholic who constantly puts me down. He also abuses my finances and displays a lot of other emotionally abusive behaviours. My mom has chronic pain/fibromyalgia and suffers from depression/anxiety. She has also emotionally neglected me, constantly invalidates my feelings, switches between loving/blaming moods etc.

I'm currently going through a period in which I'm examining my life and working through tough emotions surrounding the abuse. I feel like I'm definitely making progress (with ups and downs of course) but my girlfriend is having a hard time supporting me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Your past sounds similar to mine. A great deal of emotional abuse and neglect. You said it right..... Have her LISTEN to you. That's a big help. Specially since, I bet your parents seldom did in your youth.

@jim111 Ya I think that's mostly what I need her to do! The problem is she also deals with her own mental health stuff and I think she feels overwhelmed listening to me sometimes and she just shuts down. That is a really big trigger for me because, as you say, my parents didn't really listen to me as a kid and would tend to ignore my feelings and tell me to deal with them on my own. So that's really hard for me that she does that sometimes.

I would be offended if someone shut down on me while I was trying to explain my feeling, especially the deep ones. Because of your past it may be of most importance to find someone who will listen. In a non-threatening or ultimatum forming way, maybe you should explain this to her. Your emotional health is just as important and valid as her's is. I'm not sure what she is battling, but your feelings are important too, especially if at times it is making you feel neglected. Nobody wants that and most people don't want their loved one to feel that, either. I hope that helps. It is good to think it through yourself, obviously. I encourage you to do that thoroughly before following anyone's advice.