I wasn't sure which group to post this in. I have an upcomin

I wasn't sure which group to post this in. I have an upcoming acting class at my college, having wanted to try out other fields. I have issues making friends with or getting along with women non-romantically. I always have an issue being able to see them as either just friends or classmates. My previous approach was to try and interact socially with whoever I could and do not factor whether it is a man or a woman; I trying to be a better socializer as well. It has been confusing, however, when my therapist says don't interact with certain kinds of women because they might trigger some of my personal bad habits. This has sort of a jolting way to approach the subject--it leaves me constantly thinking, "is this a good person to socialize with?" "Are you sure you want to socialize with this person?" I am not trying to make an excuse to go back to bad habits, but I want to socialize and be as reasonably casual about it as possible.

I feel that either you misunderstood your therapist or that they need to be a little more forthcoming as to how you are expected to live in a world with a whole bunch of women who are all very different from one another.

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@CKBlossom It could be both, but definitely a bit of the latter, because I told him of my confusion regarding who to interact and not interact with. He just reiterated not to interact with women to whom I’m drawn, and also interact as though they’re men. I thought, but since I am frequently drawn to women, regardless of who they are, do I not interact with all of them? Only certain kinds? And if so on either, how would I be in a situation to pretend they’re men, which isn’t bad advice.