I went for NC with mine, managed to have no contact for 2 we

I went for NC with mine, managed to have no contact for 2 weeks and then we bumped into each other at a Christmas Party where he was already drunk before the party (he doesn't drink) and harassed me all evening. It all ended up with him pouring a bottle of water over me in my car and then followed by endless phone calls and abusive msgs. The following morning I got a string of really apologetic msgs and how he can't live without me. I gave up into another chat and msgs over a few days as I am at an early stages of pregnancy and he, after not wanting to do anything with it, suddenly wanted to be involved. I met up with him and he tried to be nice and tried to prove that he plans a future for our child (but not wanting the financial commitment).
Day later it all went wrong yet again when he wanted to go to spend a New Year with me and my family (who can't stand him) in Estonia and I told him it's not going to happen. Then he went even more angry when he realised that I want to give birth to my baby in Estonia where my mum lives with her around. He went mad that I didn't consult him and that I don't let him be at birth. I told him he is welcome to travel (flight ticket is under £100) and be there, but he is adamant he would not travel, even though his younger son lives in Germany and he travels there now and then.
This lot followed by him blocking me on FB, deleting all my pics, asking to meet to clear up the air but I should bring with me all his stuff for that meeting. For which I told him that he only wants his stuff and I don't need to see him for that, once he posts all my belongings to me, I will post everything of his to him ASAP and that I don't want to see me again. This followed by about 50 abusive msgs that I didn't reply to, then him sending this

Good luck Olga in all that you do.... Despite having been wrung out by you, I wish you no ill will.... I just hope you look back some day at how you live and understand selfishness comes with no happiness for anyone involved. Goodbye!

Which followed by him blocking me on every comms media, but not before he changed his profile pic to topless and sent me another msg wishing Merry Christmas, so I would see it.

What can I expect now? I am so tired and drained. 3 years of this and now a baby as well.

I know how draining it can be. You need to block him for everything. No Contact. Take your power back

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are you okay? im sorry you went through that

I am slowly getting better, thank you. It's not easy but I will get there in the end.

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