I went to the doctors with a small lump on my testicle, the

I went to the doctors with a small lump on my testicle, the GP believes it to be a tumour. I have now been referred to the urologist for further tests to ascertain the next step. There are no words to how i feel right now, although im sure many of you here have felt the same. Can I ask you a question? Im struggling to bring myself to tell any of my family, I know it will crush them but i dont think im strong enough to do this on my own. Have any of you been in this position who could offer me any advice please? Thank you.

I am a girl so i have zero experience, however, you should hear back from the doctor and learn all options. If you tell them while you are just as confused as them it will only be harder. Take time to understand what is going on with your body. Get definite answers to what it is. Only then should you let them know. You would be better equipt to answer their questions and reassure them you will be alright. If you need support through it tell someone who won't tell everyone. It would be nice to have someone who could go with you to your appointments for moral support...preferable a man. Hope it all works out for the best :) remember this too shall pass. You are not the first to face such arduous times.